Features & Benefits


The Flex Drive
Every RAXTAR passenger and materials hoist and lift is equipped with “the Flex-Drive”. The Flex-Drive is a 3D-concept that results in a smoother drive of the hoists along the mast, guaranteeing less wearing of parts like the racks, pinions, ties and electronic devices.

All RAXTAR hoists are modular; the length of a hoist cage can easily be adapted. Every two RAXTAR single cage hoists can be combined to a twin cage configuration without the need of any extra parts or modifications. Every single cage RAXTAR hoist can be changed from a left to a right mast position in no time.
Remote Monitoring
RAXTAR hoists with a software based control system can be accessed remotely via the internet. As a result failures can be addressed on-line meaning down-times are decreased drastically. Maintenance intervals are optimized by getting the right information on usage on the fly or proactively. The owner of the hoists can manage his fleet from a distance.
Standard Electrical Parts
The electrical systems of all RAXTAR hoists are based on standard components available around the globe. Unlike traditional hoist suppliers, RAXTAR solutions are based on an open concept, that lowers delivery times and costs.
Safety & Regulations
RAXTAR solutions are manufactured in the Netherlands and comply with the highest safety standards. All RAXTAR passenger and materials hoists are certified according to European Norms and Regulations or American Standards.

Bluetooth/Wireless LAN communication
RAXTAR hoist use innovative technologies to optimize TCO and increase functionalities. By using Bluetooth or Wireless LAN communication between the hoist cabin and the ground enclosure (or even between multiple hoists at a job site) simple materials and maintenance costs decrease while in the meantime functionality like optimized logistics increases.

Automatic & Intelligent Lubrication
The greasing of the racks is an important and sometimes cumbersome maintenance aspect of rack and pinion driven machinery. All RAXTAR hoists and lifts can be equipped with an intelligent greasing system, where the hoist “itself” will take care of the greasing of the rack, knowing which parts of the rack need to be greased and at what intervals.

These are only a few characteristics of our solutions. Do not hesitate to contact RAXTAR to learn more about our hoists and lifts and understand how they will provide you with a smoother ride to the top!